Top 5 Enterprise Form Builder Tools for Your Business

Evaluating enterprise form builders? Here are the top 5 picks for businesses, with an in-depth look at their standout features.

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In today's fast-paced corporate landscape, data reigns supreme. It’s not just about collecting information but doing so strategically, efficiently, and securely.

Enter enterprise forms, a game-changer for modern businesses. These aren't your run-of-the-mill digital forms; they are sophisticated tools tailored to the unique demands of expansive organizations.

Enterprise forms offer advanced capabilities catering to teams with intricate use cases, specialized customization needs, and rigorous security standards.

Basic online form tools are handy, but can they meet the demands of a large corporation? This question points to the value of specialized enterprise tools.

In this article, we'll explore the advantages of enterprise forms, recommend top form builder tools, and offer insights into their transformative impact on modern businesses.

Benefits of enterprise forms

Enterprise forms excel in ensuring data accuracy through advanced logic and validation rules. They easily integrate with various systems, including CRMs and custom apps, while emphasizing security via access controls.

Plus, they're specifically designed to meet the support and compliance challenges faced by large organizations. Let’s dive deeper into their key benefits.

  • Scalability: Built for the demands of large-scale operations, enterprise forms smoothly handle immense data volumes. They're indispensable for businesses with high volumes of customer interactions and transactions, ensuring data is managed efficiently.
  • Security: More than just secure, enterprise forms are robustly safeguarded. They often deal with sensitive and proprietary information and are equipped with top-level security protocols. Adherence to​​System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures data remains shielded from breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Customization: Enterprise forms go beyond basic modifications. They allow businesses to introduce distinct fields, features, and interactivity, perfectly aligning with their operational strategies.
  • Integration capabilities: It's not just about integrating; it's about harmonizing operations. These forms effortlessly sync with various enterprise tools, from CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) to ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) and cutting-edge marketing platforms, facilitating smooth data exchanges and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Advanced features: Standing apart from basic forms, enterprise versions come equipped with enhanced functionalities. Features such as adaptive conditional logic, real-time data capture, intricate multi-step processes, and automated workflows elevate efficiency to a new level.
  • Enterprise support and plans: Alongside these features, enterprise plans provide dedicated support, ensuring businesses get the help they need when they need it. Plus, they offer the flexibility of creating unlimited forms, catering to the ever-evolving needs of large organizations.

What are enterprise forms used for? 

When leveraged effectively, enterprise forms can revolutionize various aspects of a business, from streamlining operations to enhancing user experiences. Let's delve into specific use cases that highlight the immense potential of these sophisticated tools.

Enterprise forms for payments

Online form tools are equipped with payment integrations and can seamlessly handle transactions for an online store, subscription service, or even donation drives. 

Enterprise forms have evolved way beyond mere payment processing. Thanks to their seamless integration with cutting-edge financial technology tools, they can also act as hubs for financial data collection. 

For example, Feathery’s enterprise package comes with integrations to:

  • Plaid: A linchpin in the fintech world, Plaid's integration allows forms to collect financial data from users' bank accounts automatically. It streamlines the data collection process, ensuring businesses have timely and accurate financial information.
  • Argyle: With Argyle, forms transcend traditional boundaries. They can now auto-fetch income and employment details, providing a richer data set for businesses to understand their users' financial standing and employment background.
  • Experian and Equifax: Creditworthiness is a critical parameter for many financial decisions. Integrating Experian or Equifax with enterprise forms automates the collection of credit report data. 

More than just data collection, this integration also enables the application of form logic based on credit data, refining the user journey and tailoring it to individual financial profiles.

With secure SOC 2 encryption, instant payment gateway integration, and real-time transaction tracking, these features enable businesses to provide users with a smooth and trustworthy payment experience.

Try one of Feathery’s advanced Fintech form templates for yourself. 

Enterprise forms for HIPAA

HIPAA-compliant forms are crucial for any organization that collects, stores or transmits protected health information (PHI). These forms ensure that data is handled in strict accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards.

In addition to HIPAA compliance, healthcare organizations must comply with other regulatory requirements, such as the GDPR and CCPA. 

Since HIPAA compliance requires higher costs and more intricate measures, it is typically reserved for premium or specialized plans, making it a type of enterprise form.

Regarding compliance, Feathery has obtained certifications such as SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR, which ensure that the forms meet strict data security and privacy standards. 

Also available for enterprise users are region-specific storage plans, which ensure that user data is stored in the region where it is accessed from. This helps prevent potential data privacy violations when data is stored in another country.

Feathery offers specialized templates for healthcare forms. Sign up for enterprise and ensure your forms are HIPAA compliant. 

Enterprise forms for onboarding

Enterprise forms have revolutionized how businesses approach onboarding, making them an essential tool in crafting an optimal onboarding experience.

Going beyond the capabilities of standard forms, enterprise variants delve deep into the intricacies inherent to onboarding. Their adaptive nature facilitates multifaceted processes, ranging from diverse data aggregation to smooth integrations with core organizational systems.

Feathery's enterprise platform takes onboarding a notch higher by facilitating automatic updates or creations of standard and custom Salesforce CRM objects from form inputs.

Moreover, the adaptability of these forms is not just functional but aesthetic, too. Enterprise forms, especially those by Feathery, are crafted to echo these brand nuances, promising a consistent and tailor-made onboarding experience.

We have our customer onboarding flow with Feathery and using their webhooks we are able to automate with no code tools most of the operative flows that have an interaction with our users.

Juan Camilo P

Feathery user

Source: G2

Feathery's onboarding solutions also embrace whitelabeling, allowing businesses to truly make the process their own.

Enterprise forms for sign-ups

The initial interaction a user has with a platform often begins with a sign-up form. This first touchpoint is crucial. It should be seamless and intuitive to ensure a positive user experience.

Enterprise forms elevate this process, addressing the intricacies that come with intricate sign-up flows.

One of the standout features of enterprise forms is their ability to integrate advanced authentication methods, like Single Sign-On (SSO).

Feathery's enterprise forms can integrate SSO into their sign-up processes. Users who approach a new service or platform within the same business ecosystem won't need to fill in repetitive information tediously. Instead, with SSO, their essential details can be carried over, making the sign-up process quick and hassle-free.

Additionally, enterprise sign up forms allow administrators to determine who can access, view, edit, or manage a form and its data. These permission controls ensure that sensitive information remains confidential and that only authorized individuals can change the form.

Experience seamless registrations with Feathery's intricate sign-up forms.

Enterprise forms for applications

Standard forms suffice for basic application needs, but enterprise applications often have varied requirements. Enterprise forms provide the structure and flexibility to capture diverse data seamlessly.

Features like conditional logic can present applicants with tailored questions based on previous answers, making the form seem intuitive and user-centric.

According to recent studies, only 74.51% of people who start an application form actually finish it. This is where enterprise features on application forms can help.

Feathery's enterprise conversion tools can integrate progress bars or indicators into a form. These give applicants a sense of how much of the form they've completed and what remains, motivating them to complete the application.

They also include an auto-save feature, ensuring applicants can pick up where they left off.

Streamline your application processes with Feathery. Discover how our application flows can elevate the applicant experience.

Top 5 enterprise form builder tools

Now that you're aware of how valuable enterprise forms are, you might be considering the perfect solution for your business. Here's a true and tested list of the best enterprise form builder tools in the market.

1. Feathery

Feathery has consistently demonstrated a depth of functionality tailored to meet the most demanding enterprise needs.

Whereas most platforms prioritize either user-friendliness or advanced features, Feathery strikes a harmonious balance. Its intuitive design ensures ease of use, while its robust features cater to complex enterprise requirements.

Enterprise features

  • Unwavering data security: Feathery's adherence to HIPAA, GDPR, and stringent data sovereignty standards ensures businesses are always compliant, mitigating risks.
  • Broad and deep integrations: From financial tools like Plaid to CRM giants like Salesforce, Feathery’s integrations facilitate cohesive workflows, eliminating data silos.
  • Brand consistency: Feathery's whitelabeling capabilities mean businesses can maintain a consistent brand identity across all form touchpoints, elevating user trust and engagement.
  • Scalability: Feathery effortlessly accommodates growth with features like unlimited workspaces, ensuring the tool remains as relevant for your 100,000th user as it was for your 10th.
  • Tailored user experience: Features like conversion tools and permission controls allow businesses to optimize forms for end-users and internal teams, refining data collection and analysis.

Feathery, with its intuitive visual editor, GDPR compliance, advanced logic, and flexible integrations, is a powerful form builder designed explicitly for product teams. It goes beyond simple data collection forms and gets your work done at a fraction of the costs when compared to others. If you’re in Fintech, SaaS, or Healthcare industries, Feathery form is a godsend.

Desire A

Feathery user

Source: TechRadar

Enterprise pricing: Contact sales 

Every feature in Feathery is designed with the enterprise user in mind, ensuring that it's not just another form builder but a strategic partner in growth and data management.

2. Jotform 

Jotform is a well-recognized form-building tool with distinct enterprise features. Whether a business needs a simple contact form or a multifaceted application form with intricate conditional logic, Jotform is up to the task. 

Enterprise features

  • Custom domain: Jotform allows businesses to host forms under their own distinct domain, reinforcing brand identity.
  • White labeling: Beyond creating forms, Jotform ensures each form mirrors your brand's aesthetics, ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • Service level and business associate agreements: For businesses that require strict service assurances and compliance documentation, Jotform delivers with customizable agreements.
  • User management: As your business grows, so do your team and their data access needs. Jotform’s user management ensures appropriate access levels, maintaining data integrity.
  • Enterprise-level limits: Scalability is key in today’s dynamic business landscape. With Jotform, there are no ceilings; handle any volume of form submissions without a hitch.

Jotform boasts a seamless experience for creating robust forms. With a global user base of over 20 million, organizations of all sizes trust and rely on it.

Michael G

Jotform user

Source: TechRadar

Enterprise pricing: Custom 

Jotform offers extensive enterprise templates but lacks specific features such as Plaid integrations, settling instead for a more generalized set of tools that might not fully cater to specialized organizational needs.

Ready to try Feathery?

Feathery is a highly customizable and scalable form builder, making it an ideal choice for enterprises.

3. Formstack 

Formstack is a notable enterprise form builder known for its dynamic form capabilities that adjust based on respondent input. The platform seamlessly integrates with tools like Salesforce, PayPal, and Mailchimp. 

Additionally, they offer robust support through various channels, ensuring businesses can navigate any challenges that arise. While it might not have the extensive features found in competitors like Feathery or Jotform, Formstack caters to the fundamental requirements of many organizations.

Enterprise features

  • Dedicated customer success manager: They offer continuous support through a dedicated manager. This ensures swift resolutions and efficient customization.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): SSO allows team members to access the platform using organizational credentials, simplifying logins and enhancing security.
  • Security and compliance: Data protection is paramount. Formstack enterprise adheres to rigorous security standards, ensuring the utmost data privacy and integrity.
  • Account management: Advanced features allow administrators to effortlessly control user roles and access, ensuring streamlined management for larger teams.

A no-code online form builder packed with powerful features, Formstack is beginner-friendly, and despite tons of integrations, data analytics, and workflow automation options, it’s easy to use and a delight for the non-tech-savvy.

Desire A

Formstack user

Source: TechRadar

Enterprise pricing: Custom

While Formstack enterprise might not match the exhaustive feature list of tools like Feathery or Jotform, it does cover the basic needs an organization might be looking for. 

4. Typeform 

Typeform is known for its user-friendly design and intuitive interface. Their enterprise version aims to cater to the requirements of larger organizations and specific business demands. 

It brings together design and functionality, positioning itself as a viable option in the enterprise form-building sector. 

Enterprise features

  • Tailored response limits and team seats: As businesses scale, so do their needs. Typeform enterprise acknowledges this by offering adaptable response limits and accommodating your entire team, no matter its size.
  • VIP support and dedicated outcomes manager: With priority access and a designated outcomes manager, your enterprise goals are always in focus.
  • Custom domains and branding: Utilize custom domains for your forms. It ensures your form is truly an extension of your brand.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): SSO offers users a hassle-free sign-in process using their enterprise credentials. This not only improves the user experience but also adds an extra layer of security.
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliance: Ensuring data privacy and adherence to key regulations is critical. Typeform enterprise complies with HIPAA and GDPR, offering businesses peace of mind.

Typeform offers an ideal mix of features and cost when compared to its peers, and businesses in the creative field would find Typeform more suited to their needs.

Desire A

Typeform user

Source: TechRadar

Enterprise pricing: Custom

While Typeform is often praised for its design and interface, its focus on aesthetics might come at the expense of more advanced features. Their enterprise version, though tailored for larger businesses, may not fully measure up against other comprehensive form builders in terms of versatility and depth.

5. Cognito Forms 

Cognito Forms is an affordable enterprise tool that, while not being the most feature-packed option, delivers a set of fundamental essentials suitable for medium-sized businesses.

The enterprise version of Cognito Forms balances features with scalability, catering to organizations looking for efficient and secure solutions.

Enterprise features

  • Unlimited forms and entries: No restrictions on the number of forms you create or the submissions you receive..
  • Accept payments: Seamlessly handle transactions through your forms, facilitating ecommerce and payment collection processes.
  • Robust storage: With 100 GB of storage, document management becomes a breeze. Plus, the platform ensures security by offering folder permissions, a feature especially useful for differentiating access levels.
  • HIPAA compliance: Essential for healthcare industries and those handling sensitive medical data, ensuring that user information is treated with utmost confidentiality.
  • Enhanced security: With the requirement for two-factor authentication, data security is tightened, minimizing unauthorized access risks.

Overall, Cognito Forms is a reliable and efficient solution for transforming how businesses automate their tasks and enhance productivity. Its powerful data collection capabilities, intuitive interface, and versatile features empower you to tackle complex challenges easily. While there are some limitations, the platform offers robust support, seamless payment integration, and top-notch security.

Desire A

Cognito Forms user

Source: TechRadar

Enterprise pricing: $99 per month

Cognito Forms, despite its affordability, might leave businesses wanting in terms of advanced enterprise features. While it caters to some of the basics, it might not be the ideal choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive tool. 

Maximize your enterprise features

Choosing the right enterprise form tool is essential. Both Feathery and Jotform have great features, but Feathery offers more ways to integrate and customize. 

Plus, it was built with teams in mind from the start. This means even its basic plans shine brighter, and its enterprise version easily outpaces other options.

Investing in the right platform today can greatly enhance your team's efficiency and user experience tomorrow. We suggest making a decision that best aligns with your organization's future growth and needs.

See Feathery’s enterprise offering for yourself. Get started with a free account.