Automate any form workflow

Collaborate on forms, build approval flows, generate PDFs & other documents, and collect e-signatures.

Over  1 million +  forms served

Collaborate on Forms & E-Signatures

  • Collect information, payments, and signatures from users in one unified form experience.
  • Assign users to fill specific fields and e-signatures for seamless collaboration.

Generate & Analyze Documents

  • Fill or generate any PDF or spreadsheet template with collected form data.
  • Extract and centralize information from existing documents using Feathery AI.

Sync and Prefill Form Data

  • Sync user data from your existing systems to prevent repetitive data entry.
  • Feathery supports sending and reading data from thousands of systems, including Salesforce and custom APIs.

Featured Workflow Templates



Verify Users

  • Verify a user’s identity before they complete a form. Secure legal documents, prevent fraud, and implement KYC.
  • Feathery supports government ID verification, SMS one-time passwords, email verification, and SSO.

Approve Submissions

  • Assign teammates to approve or deny form submissions.
  • Configure workflows based on whether a form submission is approved or denied.

Engage Users

  • Send reminders and follow-ups to teammates and users over email and SMS.
  • Invite users over email and SMS to fill out and collaborate on your forms.

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