Intelligent document processing with 99% accuracy

Feathery's market-leading document intelligence solutions automatically extract structured information from user-provided materials. Incorporate the extracted data as a seamless part of your workflow.

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Process user-uploaded or integrated files

  • Automatically process user-uploaded documents as users complete your forms. They can review extracted data and correct errors directly.
  • Pull documents from systems of record such as Salesforce, Egnyte, and more for background processing.

Classify & Extract Structured Data

  • Extract complex and tabular data from PDFs, spreadsheets, word documents, and more with 95%+ accuracy.
  • Classify documents and apply condition extraction rules.

Review & Activate Extracted Data

  • Prefill your forms with extracted document data to reduce errors and improve your conversion rate.
  • Review your extracted data and where they were found. Route the data to systems of record like Salesforce, financial tools, and more.

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