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Product updates

New updates and improvements to Feathery

July 5, 2023
Apr 1, 2024

New & improved integration functionality

Improvements & fixes

  • CAPTCHAs can now be added to your form for spam prevention.
  • The dropdown multiselect form field is now available to use.
  • Forms default to px dimension widths instead of %. Element px widths are now responsive.
  • Hidden fields are now editable from your form settings.
  • From your form settings, you can configure your form to automatically save URL parameters into fields even if the form is embedded.
  • From your form settings, you can configure your form to save the IP address of the end user into a hidden field.
  • If the form is off, the live form link will now be disabled.
  • Allow setting a field as read-only.
  • Can now set a minimum and maximum value for number fields.
  • You can configure the phone field to automatically update the default country code based on the user’s location.
  • The dashboard navigation has been made clearer with tab labels.
  • Fixed bug with linking repeatable fields.
  • The date selector display format can now be adjusted from the dashboard.
  • You can pick specific times and disable future dates from the date selector field.
  • “Save & Validate” can now be configured on any button action.
  • Fixed bug with element dimensions on theme builder.
  • Allow hiding partial submissions from the results tab.
  • Better validation for redirect URLS in form settings.
  • Rating field can now be autosubmitted.
  • Fixed bug with search bar display.
  • You can set a checkbox to be default checked.
  • Allow storing a field value into another field.
  • Forms can be toggled to display right-to-left from the form settings.
  • Fixed bug where toggling an element visibility to “off” would cause it to fully disappear from the editor.
  • Number fields now support two decimal points.
  • Refactored form completion controls so you can explicitly set if a form should redirect, hide, or show a completion screen after being completed.
June 6, 2023
Apr 1, 2024

Feathery AI is now live!

Feathery AI had over 3,000 users in the first few days since launch—check it out at https://feathery.ai. Enter a simple prompt to describe the form you want our AI assistant to generate for you. Then, save it to Feathery so you edit, launch, and collect results.

30+ new native integrations

We’ve added native form integrations with ActiveCampaign, Argyle, Asana, Bonzo, ClickUp, Close, Discord, Dropbox, Excel, Facebook, Follow Up Boss, Freshsales, Freshservice, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Intercom, Jira, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams, Monday, Notion, Outlook, Pipedrive, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Sendinblue, Shopify, Trello, Xero, Zendesk, and Zoom.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Allow previewing the draft form without publishing.
  • Allow adding custom HTML and Javascript to containers.
  • Improved the controls around the mobile form layouting experience.
  • Plus button on the editor canvas now opens a menu allowing you to choose what element type you want to add.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs related to autosaving form drafts.
  • Added support for address field default country and state.
  • The state field can now show a custom list of states depending on the configured country.
  • Added the ability to email users a link to their submission that they can go back and edit.
  • Improved error messaging when trying to add invalid navigation between steps.
  • Users can now track form submissions via their Segment integration.
  • When setting up custom logic rules, for fields with a defined set of options (e.g. radio buttons), you can select comparison values directly from the range of options rather than needing to define them in a free-form text field.
  • Fixed bug where repeating containers and children could get out of sync.
  • Checkbox groups now support configuring a maximum number of selectable options.
  • You can now contact support@feathery.io to set up a fully custom domain pointing to your Feathery-hosted form.
  • Fixed issue with how border styles were showing up for mobile forms.
  • Slides now show the current value when dragging the handle.
  • Fixed issue with min character count validation for text areas.
  • Improved the robustness of international phone field number entries.
  • Allow opening URLs via click actions where the URL protocol isn’t explicitly specified.
  • Fixed issue where button group labels weren’t properly inheriting the font color.
  • Improved email error messaging when an integration runs into an issue.
  • Improved the robustness of random default field ID generation
  • Now sending Feathery user IDs and form IDs via the webhook integration
  • User file and image URLs accessible via dashboard results now expire in 24 hours rather than 1 hour
  • When the Hubspot integration is uninstalled from Hubspot’s end, it will also deactivate from Feathery’s end.
  • When downloading a CSV of your results, it will now display all values of your repeating fields.
May 5, 2023
Apr 1, 2024

Drafts and autosave ability

Your changes will now autosave into a working draft as you modify your form. You only need to publish now when you want your draft changes to go live. This means you can leave things in a working state without needing to go live in order to not lose your work.

Feathery AI (coming soon)

Via a simple prompt, generate an entire form customized to your needs that you can edit from our dashboard directly. It’s currently in private beta and will soon be free to use for everyone.

Stripe updates + availability on free tier

You can now collect payments on the free tier with your form using our Stripe integration. All Stripe payments are now made via a Stripe invoice. Feathery will now automatically create a Stripe subscription for any recurring product or service purchased through Feathery.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Launched our login flow demo app.
  • You can now edit your submission results directly from Feathery. Choose a submission under your form results tab, and you’ll see a pencil icon allowing you to edit the values.
  • Containers and the elements contained by them can now be conditionally hidden.
  • Mobile container styles now inherit from desktop and can be overridden.
  • Improved drag-and-drop control behavior.
  • Form autoscroll behavior is now configurable form the settings page.
  • You can now show a custom video file on your form.
  • New containers added now have better default dimensions.
  • Container dimensions are now configurable from the side panel
  • Fixed button group element behavior so button group overall dimensions and individual button dimensions are separately configurable.
  • Updated integration page order so active integrations are at the top.
  • You can now configure the default country that a phone field is set to.
  • Fixed bug where deselecting elements wasn’t working for certain regions on mobile.
  • Improved the Feathery dashboard experience on smaller screens.
  • Form loading speeds have been improved.
  • Form images are now served by a CDN and load times have improved.
  • Hubspot integration submissions now include contact activity updates.
  • Fixed bug with repeating field values and conditional hiding.
  • Allow adding a custom loader and initial loader to the form via our developer SDK API.
  • If the end-user attempts to log in with an expired magic link, they’ll now receive a warning.
  • Custom values can now be set on click for any form field type.
April 4, 2023
Apr 1, 2024

Introducing Feathery 2.0

Feathery’s biggest update yet. We’ve launched a massive improvement to the way you design your form by breaking out of a grid-based model.

  • Instead of needing to click repeatedly through the hierarchy of your form, the builder now intelligently detects which element you’re attempting to select. We’ve seen build speeds more than double from this improvement.
  • We’ve removed the constraint that previously required each element to first be added to an individual empty container. All elements can now be dragged and dropped into the editor freely and directly.
  • We’ve added CSS support for padding & margin, alignments, and more. This gives you the ability to replicate any design a developer could build using code, while reducing time to build by up to 90%.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Can now log in via Google, Amazon, Apple, Bitbucket, Coinbase, Discord, Facebook, GitHub, GitLab, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Slack, and Twitch when using Firebase and Stytch identity providers.
  • Made tables more responsive
  • Can now set a form at the apex domain (<subdomain>.feathery.io) for a very clean URL that you can point a CNAME record at.
  • Cleaner URLs for forms that handle authentication
  • Fixed bug where canvas around form in editor did not allow scroll.
  • Active integrations now show up at the top of the list of integrations
  • Auth-protected steps now have a visual indicator in the flow and visual editors
  • Improved the default form step configuration
  • Launched a new control that unifies margin and padding inputs
  • Feathery can now listen to Hubspot property changes and correspondingly update Feathery field data
  • URL click action can now be added to text elements
  • You can now remove a container but leave its child elements in place
  • Shadows can now be added to containers and buttons
  • Custom components can now be embedded into any container
  • Store field value action can now be togglable or not togglable
  • Allow viewing all steps, including auth-gated steps, in preview mode
  • Faster form loads and publishes
  • Stronger fraud and abuse prevention controls
  • Can now store any user attribute into a field via an auth integration
  • New accounts now start with a guide form for education
March 2, 2023
Apr 1, 2024

No-code login flows

Feathery now supports fully no-code login flows that take as little as 10 minutes to set up.

New rating field

Feathery’s new rating field allows users to easily build NPS and other user feedback surveys to gauge user sentiment.

Heap analytics integration

Automatically install Heap into your Feathery form to capture and send all form events to your Heap dashboard.


The Feathery team has compiled a breakdown of 10 best-in-class onboarding flows around the web. If you find this resource helpful, let us know and we’ll continue expanding it. You can also submit your own form at https://forms.work for us to analyze and feature!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Anti-email integration spam guardrails
  • Improved Feathery popup embed design and API
  • Allow unauthorizing integrations directly
  • Allow manually destroying rendered JS form instances with .destroy()
  • Fixed bug where calling renderAt multiple times on the same div would leave the original instances in place
  • Allow switching form end-users in the same session easily
February 9, 2023
Apr 1, 2024

Improved signup and login flows

Feathery’s new LoginProvider component wraps your core application, so if your user isn’t logged in, they’ll only be able to see your login form. This allows you to easily display your sign up/in form to users and only show your core application after they log in. Benefits include:

  • Automatic logout after a period of time
  • Easily add onboarding steps & questions, which are only shown until they’re completed
  • Event listeners to run custom logic when the user logs in or out

You can use our SaaS Signup & Onboarding template or another login template to get started.

Expanded template library

We’ve launched 10 new templates, including new signup flows and financial applications for auto, business, personal, and home loans. Some of our new templates are inspired by best-in-class flows like Better, LendingTree, and LendingClub.

Multiple sequential actions

When interacting with an element like a button, text, or container, you can now configure multiple actions to run in sequence. For example, clicking a Next button could update a field value, validate and submit the step, and then navigate to the desired next step.

Improved payment flow functionality

In addition to in-form payment collection, Feathery's native Stripe integration now also supports using a prebuilt Stripe checkout page for payment collection.

You can now configure the products and associated purchase quantities (fixed or based on field value) directly on the button that triggers payment collection.

Payments and information updates can now be configured to update an existing Stripe customer based on a Stripe customer ID or an external customer identifier.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Forms will now auto-refresh when a new form version is published, and dashboard will prompt users to refresh
  • When choosing a template, they can now be filtered by category
  • Table sort orders now persist when leaving the page and coming back
  • Fixed bug where updating an asset image would not show the “Update Asset” button
  • Fixed a bug where Slack integrations were not properly disconnecting
  • The “+ Step” button is now always visible in the flow edit sidebar even if there are many steps in the form
  • When adding your payment info, you can now specify an email to send your payment receipt to
  • Added multiple-value comparison operators like “include” and “don’t include”
  • Theme editor now supports toggling between dark and light modes
  • Our Segment integration is now free to use
  • Fixed a bug where field text was being interpolated in the form designer
  • Field dropdowns colors are now consistent with your theme
  • Now integration settings can be updated while the integration is disconnected
  • Form submission results are now by default sorted by last submitted time
  • When changing an element color that’s transparent, it will automatically be adjusted to not be transparent
January 5, 2023
Apr 1, 2024

Custom form translations

You create your Feathery form in a particular language, but you may need to serve the same form to international audiences of different languages. Rather than rely on Google Translate's default translation, it's now easy to create and maintain your own custom translations that are automatically applied based on the user's preferred language. Docs

Drag-and-drop step connections

Your form steps can now be rearranged and reconnected by dragging and dropping them in different orders from the form designer’s flow view, much like building a slideshow.

Protect steps requiring authentication

Once you’ve set up an auth integration like Firebase or Stytch, you can now require the user to be logged in before accessing certain steps of your form. The protected steps can be configured directly when you’re setting up your integration. You can also now directly configure which steps the user is redirected to when they log in or log out.

Test premium integrations on Free and Basic plans

So you can get to know Feathery before upgrading.

Improvements & fixes

  • Slider and combobox (text field + autocomplete) fields are now available to add to your form
  • You can now configure a max allowed file size on upload
  • A custom value can now be saved into a field upon clicking a button or group
  • You can now configure hover, active, and disabled font colors for buttons and text
  • Fixed a bug where certain theme assets couldn’t be removed
  • Fixed a bug where a repeating cell could not be cleared
  • Improved the dashboard loading time
  • Button group and element widths can now be set to be responsive to the content inside of them
  • Callback functions triggered by a group can now be identified with a custom ID
  • Custom headers can now be added to a webhook action
  • Fields that allow multiple values can now be toggled to only support single values (existing multiple value entries will be reduced to a single value)
  • File upload fields can now be configured to not show a file preview on upload
  • Separate labels and values can now be configured for fields that support options, like dropdowns and radio fields
  • Hover and select styles can now be configured for groups
  • Hover and select styles can now be configured for text elements
  • Colors for uploaded images to buttons can now be configured
  • Groups can now navigate to a new step on click
  • Corner radius for images can now be configured
  • An image element can now show an image that was uploaded to a file field
  • Custom actions can now also validate and submit the current step on click
  • Borders that increase in width on hover / select no longer shift internal content
  • SDK now returns total # of steps in the form
  • Focus styles are now prioritized over hover styles for elements
  • Dynamically changing the formKey passed into the Form component now rerenders the form completely
  • Stripe customer IDs can now be passed to Feathery to handle payments for an existing user
  • Images can now be dynamically set for button groups
December 1, 2022
Apr 1, 2024

New visual and flow editor UX

Now when you click into a Feathery form, you’ll be presented with the visual editor rather than the flow editor. It has a slideshow view of the steps and their connections, allowing you to easily create, edit, and remove steps without having to toggle between two views. Within the visual editor, you can now copy/paste and drag to move containers and elements around.

The flow editor still exists as a secondary tab you can navigate to when you need to adjust navigation rules. There’s now a clear target for dragging connections from, and the flow for creating a new rule has been streamlined significantly.

Comprehensive and intuitive conditional logic

Conditional logic in Feathery has been expanded with a much wider range of operators for intuitively setting up rules for navigating between steps, validating submissions, and hiding/showing elements. You can also now create multi-value comparison rules.

Additional login capabilities

Our Stytch integration now supports SMS authentication in addition to Google OAuth and magic link authentication. All of our auth integrations now support the ability to configure a “logout” click action on button elements.

Improvements & fixes

  • Our login field has been deprecated and replaced with authentication click actions that you can configure on button elements.
  • You can now configure your progress bar to track progress in segments rather than a smooth progression
  • You can now toggle your forms to not remember users, so each session results in a new submission.
  • Significantly reduced dashboard loading times, especially for bigger forms.
  • Updated our integration error emails to include the form that ran into the issue and frequency stats.
  • Added a more clear icon for “fit” dimensions
  • You can now save your integration settings even if the integration is disconnected
  • Made the checkbox field default margin more accurate
  • When deleting the last form using a particular theme, you now have the additional option of deleting the unused theme at the same time.
  • Improved toast UI and introduced mini-toasts.
  • Selected elements and containers in the visual editor now have a label to easily understand what is selected or hovered.
  • Improved the accuracy of labels for controls that allow styling the color of checkmarks and radio button fills.
  • Added search functionality for themes and results
  • We reduced the ability to specify text links to only text elements.
  • The hash in the form url is now cleared when the form is completed
  • Added support for React 18 to our React SDK
  • We added helpful metadata to our Google Analytics form event payloads
  • If a signature is now transferred between two Feathery signature fields, their aspect ratio is preserved
  • We replaced the signature field “X” toggle with “Clear”
  • Fixed a bug where an option for the text case style control wasn’t working properly.
  • Fixed a bug where copy-paste with text selected would trigger the action on a grid container rather than the selected text.
  • Fixed a bug where the alignment options for button groups were flipped
  • Fixed a bug where certain text field mask characters would not display correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where phone field corner styles and placeholder were not displaying correctly.
  • Improved the padding around text area containers when the placeholder behavior is “shrink to top”
  • Added better URL field validation
  • Added timestamps to user submissions in CSV downloads of form results
  • Added support for Hubspot integration app uninstalls