Use Telesign's advanced authentication suite to validate submitted phone numbers via Telesign's silent verification, SMS & Voice OTP

What you need


Telesign is a company that specializes in digital identity and programmable communications APIs, focusing on fraud prevention and enabling omnichannel engagement. Founded in 2005, it offers services to secure online experiences through sophisticated solutions that include user verification, data insights, and worldwide communications. Telesign has played a pioneering role in two-factor authentication services, enhancing online account security. The company is committed to making the digital world more trustworthy and is recognized for its innovation, growth-minded approach, and trustworthiness, serving clients across over 230 countries and territories.


Using Telesign can offer several benefits to businesses aiming to improve security and customer engagement. Key advantages include:

  1. Enhanced Security and Fraud Prevention: Telesign provides digital identity authentication and fraud prevention solutions that strengthen security by layering real-time intelligence, data, and analytics. This helps in protecting businesses and customers from various types of fraud, including account takeover and synthetic identity fraud​.
  2. Global Customer Engagement: With Telesign's SMS API, businesses can engage customers worldwide by sending and receiving SMS messages. This facilitates meaningful customer interactions through timely alerts, reminders, and notifications, catering to the dynamic needs of customers across more than 230 countries and territories​.
  3. Reliable and Flexible Communication: Telesign ensures reliable communication with customers through direct-to-carrier network operator routes, offering speed and accuracy. The platform accommodates flexible business processes, allowing for personalized and scalable messaging solutions​.
  4. Optimized User Experience: By combining Telesign's verification products with its global fraud intelligence solution, businesses can create a more cohesive and secure user experience. This synergy enhances the effectiveness of risk assessments and verification processes, providing a comprehensive security solution​.
  5. Advanced Messaging Features: Telesign's SMS messaging includes features like dynamic routing for uninterrupted communication, opt-out management, private communications via number masking, and compliance support. These features help in maintaining high deliverability rates and ensuring regulatory compliance, while also supporting long messages and personalizing customer conversations​.

For businesses looking to improve their security measures and customer engagement strategies, integrating Telesign's services could be a valuable step.

How to set up

Navigate to the Feathery form where you want to add Telesign verification. Click on the Integrations tab.

Open the Telesign integration and configure your API key

Click Save. Your integration is now turned on.

Go to your form designer and follow our SMS auth setup guide to connect SMS OTP verification to your form.

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