Fill out, generate, and send documents anywhere.

Automate your document workflows by auto-generating and auto-filling them from your collected data. Automatically route your documents to the right person or destination (Google Drive, Dropbox, SFTP, and more).

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Autofill document templates

  • Upload your fillable PDFs, spreadsheets, and word documents to Feathery.
  • Map any field of your form to the corresponding location in the document to fill out, and specify where the generated document should be automatically sent.

Generate beautiful documents

  • Feathery’s document generation engine allows you to create beautiful PDFs from your form submissions without an existing template.
  • You can generate PDFs following the same design as your forms and include conditional logic to specify which form components and steps should be printed into the final document.

Sign and collaborate on documents

  • Feathery supports a Docusign-like flow for mapping fields onto your PDF and sending them out to users for signature.
  • Feathery’s enterprise-grade security and authentication features ensure high-fidelity data capture that stands up in court.

Document Storage

  • Feathery integrates with all cloud document providers like Dropbox, Google Drive and Egnyte.
  • Feathery can generate unique folders per form submission and store all uploaded documents within a designated cloud folder

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