Two-way sync of your Guidewire policy, billing, and claims records with form data.

What you need


Guidewire Software is a company that provides software products for property and casualty (P&C) insurers. Their products help insurers to manage core operations like underwriting, policy administration, claims management, and billing. Guidewire offers a suite of applications built on a common platform, enabling insurers to streamline their processes, improve customer service, and increase operational efficiency. The company's products are often used by insurance carriers to replace their legacy systems with more modern, flexible, and scalable solutions.


Using Guidewire software provides several benefits for property and casualty insurance companies, including:

  1. Flexibility and Scalability: Guidewire's platform is designed to be flexible, allowing insurers to customize and scale their solutions according to their specific business needs and growth.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: By automating many of the core functions like policy administration, underwriting, claims management, and billing, insurers can reduce manual processes, minimize errors, and handle larger volumes of business more efficiently.
  3. Improved Customer Experience: Guidewire's integrated solutions help insurers provide a smoother, more seamless experience to their customers, from quicker claims processing to more responsive customer service.
  4. Data Management and Analytics: The platform includes robust data management tools and analytics capabilities, enabling insurers to harness the power of data for better decision-making, risk assessment, and customer insight.
  5. Digital Engagement: Guidewire also offers digital portals that enable direct digital interaction with agents and customers, supporting a more modern, digital-first approach to insurance services.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: With built-in support for compliance with various insurance regulations, Guidewire helps insurers ensure they meet industry standards and requirements in the regions they operate.
  7. Continuous Updates and Innovations: Guidewire continuously updates its platform with new features and technologies, ensuring that insurers can take advantage of the latest innovations in the insurance industry.

These benefits contribute to overall improved operational performance for insurers, helping them remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

How to set up

Navigate to the Feathery form that you want to connect to Guidewire. Click on the Integrations tab.

Open the Guidewire integration and authenticate your Guidewire account.

Choose what Feathery fields to map to Guidewire record properties for prefilling and creating/updating records.

Click Connect. Your integration is now live and ready to go!

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