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Tango Reduces Onboarding Time by 72% with Feathery

Mike Kilcullen
Jan 4, 2023
4 mins
  • 72% reduction in onboarding completion time
  • $52,000+ saved in developer costs
  • 500+ developer hours saved on form-building and iterations


Tango, a remote-first startup with 200K users across six continents, helps customers create beautiful how-to guides with screenshots in seconds.

Before Feathery, Tango’s Director of Engineering, Kristie Howard, and her product team tackled in-app onboarding by embedding a simple survey to collect basic new user information, like how a user first discovered Tango.

As the app’s daily signups rapidly grew, however, Kristie and her team began to face difficulty with the survey builder’s rigid layout, lack of integrations, and inability to loop captured user information back into the product to create a personalized user experience.

As a result, Kristie and team set out to find a powerful form builder that met their feature requirements and would enable the company to provide a fantastic onboarding experience quickly without sacrificing quality.

After a call with an advisor, Kristie and the Tango team were introduced to Feathery.


Within a few weeks of adopting Feathery, Tango was able to build and launch a new onboarding flow featuring conditional logic that powers a personalized product experience for users, brand-native look and feel using themes, and helpful elements like a progress bar.

Tango onboarding form

Additionally, Tango was able to use Feathery’s native integrations, including HubSpot, Segment, and Slack, to send and update the flow’s user responses for the purpose of remarketing, data analysis, and internal notifications.


Since deploying their Feathery-built flow, Tango has reduced onboarding time-to-completion from 1 minute and 48 seconds to 41 seconds—a 72% improvement—while maintaining the same number of questions as the original form. Tango was also able to save 500+ developers hours over the course of six months by eliminating the need for engineering resources.

In addition to multiple iterations of Tango’s onboarding flow, Kristie and her product team have used Feathery to build and improve the app’s user offboarding flow and a dedicated signup flow for the startup’s beta program, with plans to build more forms using Feathery.

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