11 Best Salesforce Form Builders in 2024

Explore top Salesforce Form Builders in 2024: custom, prefill, multi-object support. Boost efficiency and data management.

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Salesforce has become a cornerstone for many businesses, providing a robust platform for managing customer relationships, sales processes, and much more.

Integrating Salesforce with a versatile form builder can significantly streamline your workflow, enhance data accuracy, and elevate user experience.

11 best Salesforce form builders in 2024

There are several tools available for creating forms that connect directly to Salesforce. These tools can streamline data entry, improve data accuracy, and facilitate automation processes.

Remember, the best tool often depends on your needs, budget, and existing software ecosystem. When choosing, consider factors like ease of use, flexibility, scalability, and security. 

Below, we’ve assembled a list of the 5 best Salesforce form builders in 2024 so you can put your Salesforce data to work. Let’s dive in.


Feathery is the ultimate Salesforce form builder that empowers businesses to create customized forms and workflows effortlessly. With its intuitive user interface and extensive range of features, Feathery is the perfect solution for streamlining data collection and enhancing user experience.

Feathery offers a rich set of form fields and a drag-and-drop form builder, making creating dynamic and interactive forms easy. Whether you need simple forms or complex multi-page forms, Feathery has got you covered. Its flexible UI and logic allow users to design forms that perfectly align with their unique business requirements.

One standout feature of Feathery is its ability to create custom objects within Salesforce. This enables businesses to capture and manage data in a structured manner, ensuring accurate and organized records. Their integration with Salesforce is seamless.

Feathery's dynamic prefill feature allows for powerful form prefilling, saving both time and effort for users.

Security is paramount, and Feathery understands this. It offers advanced security features, including GDPR and HIPAA compliance, ensuring that your data is always protected. Additionally, Feathery supports data transformations prior to sending data to Salesforce using Feathery’s no-code logic editor and also offers a Javascript editor.

With Feathery, you can create unlimited professional forms and workflows in minutes. Whether it's a simple contact form or an application form with payment integration and document generation, Feathery provides the tools you need to collect and manage data efficiently.

Ready to try out the best Salesforce form builder on the market?

Feathery can be a game-changer for your product team.

Build advanced forms and workflows without code.

We admire Feathery's ease of use, configurability, workflows, and integrations. Our team has deployed multiple customer onboarding forms with a direct URL branded to our website. It's been an integral component of our client operations, and the collection of results, automated email responses, and advanced integrations with our tech stack is perfect.

Anthony I.

Strategic Advisor

Source: G2


With its user-friendly interface, Paperform makes creating professional forms a breeze. One of the biggest advantages of using Paperform is its direct, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. This intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly design and personalize forms according to their unique needs. With Paperform’s editing capabilities, you can build and deploy forms swiftly, saving valuable time for your team.

Paperform offers a gallery of pre-built form templates catering to various industries and use cases. These templates are a versatile starting point that you can easily tailor to fit your specific requirements. Paperform provides an adaptable solution for all your form creation needs, from application forms to customer surveys to workflows.

One of the standout features of Paperform is its conditional logic and dynamic fields feature. This functionality allows you to personalize form fields based on user input, reducing the time and effort required to fill out forms.

With Paperform, collecting and managing data becomes seamless, empowering your team to focus on what they do best.

With security measures such as industry-standard encryption and adherence to best practices, you can trust that your data is well-protected. Paperform’s commitment to security ensures that your form submissions remain secure and confidential.

Integration with various platforms is straightforward with Paperform. Through its integration capabilities, Paperform enables automatic data transfer and synchronization with your systems, including CRM tools, payment processors, and marketing platforms. You can easily update existing records, create new entries, and trigger automations directly from your Paperform submissions. This streamlined data collection process saves time and eliminates manual data entry errors, boosting workflow efficiency.

We love how easy it is to create forms -- from using their pre-built templates to even creating them from scratch. The templates are easy to customize, albeit with some limits (such as only two columns for questions side-by-side), but it does everything else so well that those limits are a non-issue. Their customer service is also phenomenal, and so easy to reach them via the corner chat if I ever run into problems.

Helen K.

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Source: G2


With its user-friendly interface, JotForm makes creating professional forms a breeze.

One of the biggest advantages of using JotForm is its drag-and-drop form builder. This intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly design and customize forms according to their unique needs. With JotForm's form builder app, you can build and deploy forms in minutes, saving valuable time for your sales team.

JotForm offers a gallery of pre-built form templates catering to various industries and use cases. These templates are a blank canvas that you can easily customize to fit your specific requirements. From application forms to customer surveys to workflows, JotForm provides a good solution for your form creation needs.

One of the standout features of JotForm is its dynamic prefill feature. This functionality allows you to prepopulate form fields with known data, reducing the time and effort required to fill out forms.

With JotForm, collecting and updating contact records becomes a seamless process, empowering your sales team to focus on what they do best.

With security measures like SSL certificates and adherence to GDPR and HIPAA regulations, you can trust that your data is well-protected. JotForm's commitment to security ensures that your form submissions remain secure and confidential.

Integration with Salesforce is easy with JotForm. Through its integration capabilities, JotForm enables automatic data transfer and synchronization with your Salesforce ecosystem. You can easily update existing Salesforce records, create new leads, and trigger workflows directly from your JotForm forms. This streamlined data collection process saves time and eliminates manual data entry errors.

Jotform has a very powerful feature set: there's never been anything I've needed to achieve with it that I have been unable to do, and I can't say that of any other forms software I've ever used. Its Widgets list extends the functionality in really powerful ways. For my use cases, this outweighs the cons by a big margin.

Tim P.

Establishment Director

Source: G2


With its user-friendly interface and sleek design, Typeform offers a seamless form-building experience that captures respondents' attention.

One of the standout features of Typeform is its unique form design. Unlike traditional form builders, Typeform allows you to create forms that feel like a conversation, making the form-filling experience more enjoyable for users. With its beautifully designed question layouts and customizable themes, Typeform offers a visually appealing and engaging way to gather data.

Typeform also offers various form field options to suit different needs. From multiple-choice questions and dropdown menus to file uploads and rating scales, Typeform provides the flexibility to collect the required data. You can even add logic jumps to your forms, allowing respondents to skip irrelevant questions and focus on what matters most to them.

Another feature of Typeform is its integration capabilities. Whether you use Salesforce, Google Sheets, or other popular tools, Typeform can easily connect with your existing systems. This means that form submissions can be automatically transferred to your Salesforce database, saving you time and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

In addition to its form-building capabilities, Typeform offers analytics features. With real-time data tracking, you can monitor form submissions and gather valuable insights about your audience.

Typeform's analytics dashboard provides detailed reports and visualizations, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve your sales and marketing strategies.

Typeform is an indispensable tool in our business, it offers a lot of flexibility when creating forms and we use them for various applications. Whether it's enrollment or application forms or session review surveys for our conference, Typeform empowers us with a user-friendly and very intuitive platform that has let us customize and design literally everything we need. The connection with Google Sheets and Zapier works seamlessly, and we use it to automatically move over all the responses to a Google Sheet or our CRM.

Aitana G.

Head of Admin

Source: G2

Google Forms

When creating online forms, one name often comes to mind is Google Forms. This intuitive form builder tool offered by Google allows users to create custom forms easily and quickly for various purposes.

With Google Forms, you can create various form fields to meet your specific needs. From multiple-choice questions to dropdown menus and checkboxes to file uploads, Google Forms offers a comprehensive set of form field options. This flexibility allows you to gather the required data in a streamlined and organized manner.

What sets Google Forms apart is its simplicity and user-friendly interface. With its drag-and-drop functionality, building a form becomes a breeze. You can effortlessly create and arrange form fields, add sections, and customize the design to match your branding. Google Forms also offers a wide range of pre-built templates, making creating professional-looking forms in minutes even easier.

One of the standout features of Google Forms is its seamless integration with other Google tools.

If you're already using Google Sheets for data management or Google Drive for document storage, you'll appreciate the seamless integration with Google Forms. Form submissions can be automatically transferred to a Google Sheet, allowing you to access and analyze the data collected easily.

Moreover, Google Forms offers built-in collaboration features, making it a good choice for teams and businesses. You can easily share forms with colleagues and collaborate on form creation and data analysis in real time. This makes it a powerful tool for conducting surveys, collecting feedback, and streamlining workflows within your organization.

Google Forms also provides basic analytics features, allowing you to view and analyze form responses simply and straightforwardly. While it may not offer the robust analytics capabilities of dedicated form builder tools such as Feathery, Google Forms still provides valuable insights that can inform your decision-making process.

Titan Forms

Titan Forms doesn't shy away from complexity or flexibility. This robust builder allows you to create forms for any Salesforce object and use case, from custom applications to conditional logic-driven surveys. 

Its intuitive no-code drag-and-drop interface streamlines the process, letting you design forms exactly as you envision them. And data? Titan handles it beautifully, pre-filling forms and writing to multiple objects – even standard, custom, and related ones. 

Payment processing is also easy, thanks to integrations with major providers like Stripe and PayPal. However, these integrations are only available in the highest-priced plan, so don’t expect to be able to use this feature if you’re using the free or Teams version.

Its web-to-lead capture ensures you never miss a potential customer, even if they lack a Salesforce account. And, if you need documents generated automatically, Titan does that too, crafting quotes, contracts, and invoices based on form data. Again, check which subscription you’re on because this feature is for the elite.

But the features and add-ons don’t end there. Portals, dashboards, widgets, and calendars are all built within the Titan Forms ecosystem. 

The form builder is easy to manage, dynamic, and very complete. You can build all types of forms. The Salesforce integration is easy, with no coding needed. Information flows in both directions -pulled from Salesforce to the form and pushed back into Salesforce-.

Sergio O.

Operations Officer - Salesforce Administrator

Source: G2


Formstack goes past mere forms, offering a cloud-based platform that streamlines your workflow. Create and manage online forms, documents, and e-signatures with ease. 

Its drag-and-drop builder and pre-built templates accelerate the process, while native Salesforce integration ensures seamless data flow. Dynamic forms pre-fill with data from any object, while payment processing integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and others. 

If you need to handle healthcare data, we’re happy to tell you that Formstack complies with the Salesforce Health Cloud model. Or if you want to cater to clients in the financial sector, the digital-first experiences are a breeze with Financial Services Cloud integration. Admissions management gets a boost with Admissions Connect, and pre-filled forms, automatic data updates, and a user-friendly interface guarantee a positive customer experience. 

Formstack eliminates paperwork, automates tasks, and saves you time and money – a true productivity powerhouse for your organization, but there are some potential limitations to keep in mind. 

Feature-wise, you might encounter conditional logic and customization restrictions compared to more advanced platforms. Usage limits like form submissions and storage space depend on your plan, so higher tiers are needed for heavy use. Technically, integrations and performance might be limited on lower plans and mobile responsiveness could be improved. Additionally, file upload size and daily submission limits are in place. 

I need to integrate Formstack with Salesforce for our users to sign PDFs, and we require multi-level signature functionality. Formstack for Salesforce provides a seamless solution with a no-code approach, making implementation incredibly straightforward with its click-and-drop functionality. The ease of use extends to their responsive customer support, which typically responds within the same working day. Based on my positive experience, I highly recommend this application to users for frequent use.

Vikalp S.

Senior Software Engineer

Source: G2


If you’re looking for security and automation, 123FormBuilder is one of the top options. This robust Salesforce form builder goes beyond data collection by facilitating streamlined workflows and seamless integrations with other applications.

Crafting forms is a breeze with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Why? No coding is required. Simply drag and drop elements to cater to your specific needs. 

But it doesn't stop there. 123FormBuilder offers smarter field visibility through conditional logic. This means users only see relevant fields based on their input, creating a personalized and smooth experience.

Furthermore, data integrity becomes a non-issue with robust validation tools. You should have no issue capturing accurate information that can drive informed decisions. If you need to collect e-signatures, you can gather them directly within the forms, saving time and streamlining the agreement process for everyone involved.

Finally, 123FormBuilder excels at integrations. Connect it with other Salesforce products and applications for effortless data exchange and automated workflows. Enjoy the benefits of a connected ecosystem and efficient processes, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. However, the Salesforce Integration is only available on the highest paying plan - the Enterprise plan so you could be in for a hefty price tag.

The simplicity of creating the forms. Drag, drop, name, and that's it. The customizable output emails have led us to create many customer-facing forms with our logos and pertinent data from their orders or accounts. We have twice as many forms used for internal process documentation and consistency. Our field engineers complete site survey forms, that submit output reports directly to our customers. This has been one of the biggest leaps in documentation and process control our company has made, and the rollout time was next to nothing.

James L.

VP of Customer Operations

Source: G2


With FormAssembly and Salesforce, you can say goodbye to tedious data entry and hello to a streamlined, automated workflow. These powerful tools can handle the heavy lifting while you focus on what matters most - your produce/service.

Build web forms that connect directly to Salesforce, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accuracy. No more copy-pasting! Prefill forms with existing data from your CRM to create a smooth user experience and avoid frustrations.

You can connect your forms to any standard or custom object in Salesforce, ensuring data lands precisely where it needs to be. Automate tasks like sending notifications, creating tasks, and triggering actions based on form submissions.

You can embed FormAssembly forms directly within Salesforce pages for a seamless user journey. Access FormAssembly using your existing Salesforce credentials with Single Sign-On for added convenience and security.

Use the Salesforce Import Tool to create forms mirroring your existing data structure. Use the Salesforce Connector to map form fields to specific Salesforce fields for effortless data flow. For an engaging user experience, leverage dynamic picklists that automatically populate with data from Salesforce, keeping everything consistent.

Clear documentation, fast and friendly chat support, easy implementation, and well-documented updates. Regular additional training and updated information are available through the company. Does some real magic that we love to utilize the system for.

Jonathan P.

FormAssembly User

Source: G2


GirikFormBuilder is a web application designed to help people create and manage online forms and surveys seamlessly. It specifically integrates with Salesforce, allowing users to capture information and send it directly to their Salesforce objects (like leads, accounts, and contacts)

GirikFormBuilder offers a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for anyone to create forms without needing coding knowledge. You can choose from various question types, customize the look and feel, and even add conditional logic for dynamic behavior.

The data you collect is automatically sent to your Salesforce instance, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accuracy. This streamlines data collection and management for various processes.

GirikFormBuilder allows you to customize reports based on your needs, leveraging Salesforce reporting tools. You can also create formulas for calculations within forms and preview them for accuracy.

Depending on the answers, some fields might need to change from text boxes to dropdowns or vice versa. GirikFormBuilder allows this dynamic adjustment. Based on previous answers, certain questions might become irrelevant. With GirikFormBuilder, you can hide them to improve user experience and keep the form concise.


FormCrafts is a dynamic form builder designed with Salesforce users in mind. It allows you to create and update records of all data entries in Salesforce using forms and integrates seamlessly with existing Salesforce automations.

FormCrafts boasts a drag-and-drop interface that makes building forms a breeze, even for beginners. Simply drag and drop different question types – text boxes, multiple choices, checkboxes, and more – to quickly create the form you need.

FormCrafts allows you to map each form field to any Salesforce object or field, capturing data precisely in the format you need. This flexibility ensures your information aligns perfectly with your Salesforce setup.

Make your forms dynamic and user-friendly with conditional logic. Show or hide specific fields based on users' answers, streamlining the process and making it relevant to their needs. This enhances their experience and increases the quality of the data you collect.

Dynamic picklists automatically populate with fresh data from Salesforce, ensuring your users always have the most recent options. This accuracy reduces errors and simplifies data entry.

FormCrafts allows you to long forms them into multiple pages, creating a smoother and more manageable experience for users. This improves completion rates and ensures they aren't overwhelmed by a wall of questions.

Need to calculate discounts, totals, or other dynamic values within your form? FormCrafts has a math formula feature that lets you perform calculations directly within the form, eliminating the need for manual post-processing and saving you valuable time.

What I like best is that the tools to build the form are very intuitive, and easy to understand without needing to read lots of documentation. Their tech support is very helpful in helping with best practices during the build.

Corey W.

Customer Relations Manager

Source: G2

Native Forms

Native Forms is a free form builder tool designed specifically for Salesforce users. It integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce data, allowing you to create custom forms that capture data and update records directly within your Salesforce org. 

Plus, it has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for easy form creation.

Forget about manually entering data again. Native Forms automatically pulls existing information from your Salesforce records and fills in relevant fields, saving you precious time and ensuring accuracy.

Use the power of your existing Salesforce validations and automations within your forms. This ensures the data collected is accurate and consistent with your established standards.

With mobile usage at an all-time high, it is nice to know that no matter how your users access your forms, they'll have a smooth experience. Native Forms are mobile-friendly, adapting automatically to smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

With Native Forms, you can customize the look and feel to match your branding, providing a unified experience for your audience. After all, your forms should reflect your brand just as much as your website.

Use their analytics capabilities to track key metrics like submission rates and user behavior. This helps you understand your audience, make informed decisions, and improve your forms over time.

Native Forms has its limitations, namely that it is built directly into Salesforce, so if you want to create forms for any other usage, you can’t. Additionally, it primarily focuses on basic data collection forms, not complex surveys or applications.

How to pick a Salesforce form builder

Looking to use a form builder that integrates with Salesforce? Here are the key requirements that you should evaluate before picking a form builder.

Support for custom objects

Every business has unique needs and configurations in its Salesforce setup, and the right form builder should be able to integrate with and manipulate custom objects seamlessly.

Salesforce's extensibility as a platform is one of its greatest strengths. And your form builder should be able to match that flexibility. With support for custom objects, you can create forms specifically tailored to your business processes and data structures.

The ability to read from and write to custom objects is crucial for capturing and managing complex data through your forms. Whether you need to update contact records, perform object lookups, or trigger workflows based on form submissions, a Salesforce form builder with support for custom objects empowers you to optimize your data collection and management processes.

Look for a form builder that offers an intuitive interface and seamless integration with custom objects.

This way, you can easily map form fields to the corresponding custom object fields and ensure a smooth data flow between your forms and Salesforce.

Support for prefill

One of the most frustrating aspects of filling out forms is repeatedly entering the same information. This inconvenience can be eliminated with the prefill feature offered by a Salesforce form builder.

Prefill allows users to search for a record in Salesforce using any unique identifier, such as an email address, and automatically populates form fields with data from a matching record.

Imagine a scenario requiring a user to update their contact information. Instead of starting from scratch, prefill enables you to populate the form with their previous contact details automatically. This saves users time and effort and increases conversion rates by providing a seamless and convenient experience.

When selecting a Salesforce form builder, it’s crucial to ensure that it supports the prefill feature. This functionality streamlines the form-filling process and enhances user satisfaction.

Look for a form builder that offers a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Salesforce objects, allowing you to map form fields to corresponding data fields easily.

Utilizing the prefill feature, you can create forms that dynamically populate with relevant data, providing users with a personalized and efficient form-filling experience. Choose a Salesforce form builder that offers this powerful prefill capability to optimize your data collection process and boost user conversions.

Support for create and update

When choosing a Salesforce form builder, ensure that it supports creating and updating records. This feature enables you to search for an object record within Salesforce using any field, ensuring data integrity and preventing duplicate entries.

With this create and update functionality, you can easily update contact information or any other relevant data in your Salesforce database. This means your records are always up-to-date and accurate.

Look for a form builder that offers seamless integration with Salesforce objects, allowing you to map form fields to corresponding data fields easily.

Not only does this feature improve data accuracy, but it also saves time and effort for both users and administrators. Users can conveniently update their information without manual input, while administrators can rely on the form builder to update the records in Salesforce automatically.

Choose a Salesforce form builder that provides support for creating and updating functionality and offers a user-friendly interface and advanced security features.

Feathery can be a game-changer for your product team.

It’ll empower you to build more advanced, product-grade forms using fewer development resources.

Design flexibility

Regarding Salesforce form builders, design flexibility is not just a feature; it's a necessity. User-facing forms are more than data collection tools; they’re an extension of your brand's identity.

A form that aligns with your brand's aesthetic, tone, and values can significantly enhance user engagement and trust.

Key aspects of design flexibility:

  • Customization: The form builder should offer a wide range of customization options, allowing you to modify colors, fonts, layout, and more to mirror your brand's visual identity.
  • Responsive design: Mobile usage is ever-increasing, your forms must look and function impeccably across all devices and screen sizes.
  • Interactive elements: Features like conditional logic, real-time data validation, and interactive elements can make your forms more engaging and user-friendly.
  • Branding consistency: Every aspect of your form, from the submit button to the error messages, should be customizable to maintain branding consistency.

By ensuring that your Salesforce form builder offers robust design flexibility, you can create forms that gather data efficiently and reinforce your brand's presence in every interaction.

Support for writing to multiple objects at once

A proficient Salesforce form builder should be able to write to multiple objects simultaneously. This feature is crucial for maintaining data integrity and ensuring seamless workflows.

Why writing to multiple objects matters:

  • Comprehensive data capture: Data collected via forms is often relevant to more than one object in Salesforce. For instance, a new customer form might need to update both 'Accounts' and 'Contacts.'
  • Efficiency: Writing to multiple objects at once eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Workflow automation: This feature can trigger workflows in Salesforce that depend on data across multiple objects, streamlining processes and enhancing automation.
  • Data consistency: Simultaneous writing ensures that all related Salesforce objects are updated uniformly, maintaining data consistency across your CRM.

Data transformations

Data transformation is converting data from one format, structure, or value to another. It is a critical step in the data integration process, which involves collecting data from different sources and converting it into a form suitable for analytical processing, reporting, or operational use.

Data transformations are a powerful tool that can greatly improve data quality in your Salesforce org. Data transformations allow you to easily update and validate customer information, such as legal entity names, billing contacts, and procurement contacts.

Updating and validating customer information is crucial for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records. With data transformations, you can automate the process, ensuring that all customer details are accurately reflected in your Salesforce org.

One of the main benefits of using data transformations is the ability to prompt customers to confirm and update their details. By sending automated emails or notifications, you can encourage customers to review and update their information, improving data hygiene.

Having clean and accurate data is essential for effective sales and marketing initiatives. Improved data hygiene allows for more targeted and personalized messaging, which can lead to higher engagement and potential pipeline generation.

In addition to improving data quality, data transformations save time and reduce manual efforts.

By automating updating and validating customer information, you can free up valuable resources to focus on more strategic tasks.


Can I create both basic and complex forms with your online form builder?

Yes, our online form builder allows you to create unlimited forms, ranging from simple basic forms to more complex, multi-step forms. Whether you need client onboarding forms, surveys, or responsive forms for mobile devices, our platform has you covered.

Are the forms created with your builder mobile-friendly?

Absolutely. All forms created with our online form builder are responsive, ensuring they work seamlessly on mobile devices and desktops. Form fillers benefit from an enhanced experience due to the platform's mobile-responsive design, ensuring access to forms on any device.

Does your platform offer solutions for quick survey creation?

Yes, our platform is designed for efficiency. With our intuitive form editor, you can create surveys in minutes, even those with custom form fields and prefilled information.

What does your Enterprise plan include?

Our Enterprise plan includes extra layers of features for complex form needs, dedicated support, and compliance with GDPR & HIPAA for enhanced security and privacy.

Can I generate custom PDFs from form submissions?

Yes, our platform allows you to generate custom PDFs from the data collected through forms, streamlining documentation and record-keeping.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

We have a dedicated customer support team available to assist you with form uploads, and any inquiries or challenges, ensuring you have a smooth experience with our platform.

How does your form tool aid businesses in capturing prospective customer data?

Our form builder is an excellent tool for capturing prospective customer data. It allows you to create forms with additional features like custom form fields and form prefills, making it easier to collect and organize company records.

How does your form builder assist in maintaining an organized customer record?

Our form builder simplifies the process of collecting and managing customer data. Maintaining an organized customer record becomes more efficient with the ability to create custom fields and integrate them with your existing databases. This helps in ensuring that all customer interactions and information are accurately captured and easily accessible.

With Feathery, you can create dynamic forms that offer a straightforward and secure solution for data collection and integration with systems like Salesforce. Utilizing pre-built Salesforce form templates, we simplify the process, enabling users to implement basic features in a matter of seconds. For organizations looking to stand out, Feathery offers advanced form customization options, allowing for a high degree of personalization and the use of advanced features to meet specific business requirements.