Best-in-class form builder for fintech

Build and automate your KYC/KYB forms, financial applications, and signup flow—while saving time and using fewer developer resources.

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Build KYC and KYB flows with ease

Create advanced flows that allow users to input personal identifiable information, upload financial statements, and provide signatures.

Create multi-step financial applications

Build financial applications that capture consumer financial details, collect payment, and integrate with your CRM for applicant tracking.

Design best-in-class signup and login forms

Build fully responsive signup flows integrated with authentication providers to offer magic link and passwordless authentication.

Featured Fintech Templates

SaaS Signup & Onboarding Flow


SMS Signup Flow


Simple Onboarding Flow


“We’ve been able to build highly complex flows with Feathery. The platform’s no-code capabilities really speed up our development cycles. On top of this, the Feathery team has been extremely adaptable to our needs versus other off-the-shelf form solutions we explored.”

Marc Escapa, Cofounder & Co-CEO

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