Extract structured data from any source using AI.

Automatically extract structured data from mediums like documents, voice, and emails. Connect the data to your forms, workflows, and custom systems.

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Extract structured data from any document

  • Feathery’s powerful OCR engine analyzes PDFs, spreadsheets, word documents, and more to extract the data you’re looking for.
  • Automatically analyze documents that your users upload to your forms, or connect your own documents to pre-fill forms and other systems of record.

Extract information from voice

  • Hook into recordings, video conferencing software, and phone calls to automatically transcribe and parse natural speech into structured data.
  • Avoid making errors from transcribing speech by hand, and make your workday twice as productive.

Extract from emails and chat

  • Feathery integrates with your favorite email and chat providers to analyze email threads and chat messages.
  • The parsed data is automatically sent to your forms, generated documents, and custom systems.

Validate CSV and spreadsheet formats

  • Feathery can analyze & validate uploaded CSVs and spreadsheets. You can define validation rules for each column and identify if an uploaded CSV matches them.
  • You can also extract certain fields from CSVs as needed (ex: identifying which column has a certain type of data you need)

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