Connect Feathery to to automatically add Monday groups and items from your collected form data. You may set up multiple Monday actions at once.

What you need

Background is a cloud-based work operating system and project management platform designed to help teams organize tasks, projects, and workflows. It offers a visual and intuitive interface that allows users to plan, track, and manage work collaboratively. is known for its flexibility and customizable features, making it suitable for teams and organizations across various industries and functions.

Key Features of

  1. Boards: organizes work into customizable boards, which serve as visual dashboards for managing tasks, projects, or processes. Users can create multiple boards for different teams, projects, or workflows.
  2. Columns and Rows: Each board consists of columns and rows, representing different aspects of work or stages of a project. Users can customize columns to track various types of information, such as tasks, deadlines, statuses, priorities, or team members.
  3. Task Management: provides features for creating, assigning, and tracking tasks, including task descriptions, due dates, assignees, and attachments. Tasks can be organized, filtered, and prioritized based on user-defined criteria.
  4. Collaboration: Users can collaborate with team members in real-time by commenting on tasks, mentioning colleagues, and sharing updates. The platform also supports file attachments, file sharing, and activity feeds to facilitate communication and collaboration.
  5. Timeline and Gantt View: offers timeline and Gantt chart views, allowing users to visualize project timelines, dependencies, and milestones. These views help teams plan and track project progress more effectively.
  6. Integration with Other Tools: integrates with a wide range of third-party apps and services, including communication tools (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams), file storage platforms (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox), and productivity apps (e.g., Trello, Asana).
  7. Automation: includes automation features to streamline repetitive tasks and workflows. Users can create custom automation rules to trigger actions, notifications, or updates based on specific events or conditions.
  8. Dashboards and Reporting: offers customizable dashboards and reporting tools to track key metrics, monitor project performance, and generate insights. Users can create visual reports, charts, and graphs to analyze data and make informed decisions.
  9. Mobile Apps: provides mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to access and manage their work on the go. The mobile apps offer full functionality, including task management, collaboration, and notifications.

Common Use Cases for

  • Project Management: is widely used for project management, including task tracking, project planning, and team collaboration.
  • Task and Workflow Management: Teams use to manage tasks, workflows, and processes across various departments, such as marketing, sales, HR, and IT.
  • Agile Workflows: supports agile methodologies such as Kanban and Scrum, allowing teams to manage sprints, backlog items, and user stories.
  • Team Collaboration: facilitates collaboration among remote and distributed teams, enabling real-time communication and coordination on projects.
  • Resource Planning: Organizations use for resource allocation, capacity planning, and workload management to ensure efficient use of resources and manpower.

Overall, provides teams with a flexible and customizable platform for organizing work, improving collaboration, and driving productivity. Its visual interface, automation capabilities, and integration with other tools make it a popular choice for teams looking to streamline their workflows and achieve their goals.

How to set up

Navigate to the Feathery form that you want to connect to Click on the Integrations tab.

Open the Monday integration and choose the Feathery form event to trigger the Monday action. Your options are when someone completes the form, reaches a specific step of the form, or whenever data is received from your end user (partial submissions, data enrichment, etc.)

Authorize and connect your Monday account.

Choose whether you want to create a Monday group or item. Map your Feathery fields to the relevant Monday group or item properties that you want to populate.

Click Connect. Your integration is now live and ready to go!

What’s a Rich Text element?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

Static and dynamic content editing

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

How to customize formatting for each rich text

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the

"When inside of" nested selector


This is a H6

This is a Link

  • This is a list item
  • This is another list item here
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