Innovations in the Wealth Management Client Onboarding Process: What's Next?

Explore the future of wealth management client onboarding, focusing on automation, personalization, and compliance for a streamlined experience.

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The future of wealth management client onboarding is steering towards automation for more streamlined processes, the adoption of paperless systems for eco-friendliness and efficiency, and a stronger focus on regulatory compliance to navigate the complex legal landscape. 

We're also seeing the rise of personalized client experiences through AI and machine learning, increased use of blockchain for secure and transparent transactions, and the integration of big data analytics to tailor financial advice more accurately to individual client profiles. 

Collectively, these trends signal a shift towards more technologically advanced, client-centric, and regulation-compliant wealth management practices.

Let’s take a closer look into everything client onboarding in wealth management encompasses, from the digital transformation that has been happening in the past decade to selecting the right client onboarding solution for you.

Client Onboarding in Wealth Management 101

Client onboarding is a crucial process in wealth management that involves establishing a strong relationship with new clients. It is the first step in building trust, understanding their financial goals, and tailoring the services to meet their individual needs. 

This involves a series of steps designed to establish a solid foundation for the future relationship:

Initial Consultations and Knowledge Sharing: These early interactions lay the foundational trust and understanding, marking the beginning of the client-advisor relationship.

Document Intake: In order for advisors to create an effective plan for a client, they need to intake lots of information and documents such as their current portfolio and investment holdings.

Personalized Service and Product Alignment: It's critical to ensure that clients are matched with services and products that precisely meet their financial objectives.

Strategic Goal Planning: Developing a clear and personalized roadmap based on the client's specific financial aspirations and success indicators.

Technology Integration for Client Engagement: Facilitating client access to digital platforms for enhanced control and visibility over their financial journey. 

Data Entry and Account Creation: Creation of client brokerage accounts in custodians (as needed) and entry of client data into Wealth Management CRMs

Continuous Education and Resource Provision: Offering ongoing educational resources to empower clients in making informed financial decisions.

Feedback and Customization Cycle: Implementing a feedback loop to refine and adjust the service offering continually, ensuring it evolves with the client's changing needs.

The significance of client onboarding lies in its ability to set the tone for a long-term relationship, ensuring that clients feel valued and understood from the very beginning.

This process has evolved significantly: from manual, paper-based processes to digital solutions.

Traditionally, client onboarding was a time-consuming and manual process, involving mountains of paperwork and in-person meetings. With the advent of technology, the process has evolved significantly. 

Digital solutions have streamlined the onboarding experience, enabling wealth management firms to efficiently collect and verify client information, perform necessary checks and approvals, and facilitate seamless communication.

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The shift towards digital onboarding solutions has benefited wealth management firms and their clients. It has eliminated the lengthy delays associated with paperwork and enabled firms to onboard clients more quickly. 

The Importance of Efficient Client Onboarding

Efficient client onboarding plays a crucial role in ensuring client satisfaction and retention. When clients have a smooth and seamless onboarding experience, they are more likely to be satisfied with the service or product they receive. 

This, in turn, increases their likelihood of remaining loyal to the company and continuing to use its offerings.

Efficient client onboarding also contributes to regulatory compliance and risk management. Compliance requirements are becoming increasingly stringent in various industries. By implementing an effective onboarding process, businesses can ensure that they adhere to the necessary regulations and mitigate the risk of non-compliance. 

This protects the company from potential legal and financial consequences and instills confidence in clients that their information and transactions are being handled securely and in accordance with the law.

Efficiency is a key aspect of client onboarding as it enables a quick and seamless process. By automating certain steps and utilizing technology, businesses can reduce the time and effort required for onboarding, allowing clients to start utilizing the product or service sooner. 

This not only enhances the client experience but also increases the overall efficiency of the business, saving time and resources.

Accuracy is another crucial aspect of efficient client onboarding. Businesses can avoid errors and discrepancies that may lead to dissatisfaction or potential legal issues by ensuring that all client data is accurately recorded and verified. 

Accurate onboarding also contributes to a smoother and more personalized client experience, as clients feel confident that their information is up-to-date and correctly represented.

The Digital Transformation of Client Onboarding

The digital transformation of client onboarding has revolutionized and streamlined the entire process, making it more efficient and convenient for all parties involved. Various digital solutions have emerged, transforming a time-consuming and paperwork-heavy procedure into a seamless and automated experience.

Automated data entry is one of the major advancements in digital onboarding. Manual input of client information is prone to errors and time-consuming. With automated data entry, these inaccuracies are minimized, and the process is expedited.

By extracting data from various sources, such as online forms or databases, and populating the required fields automatically, the onboarding process becomes faster and more accurate.

The digital transformation in client onboarding has also introduced efficient digital solutions, such as incorporating Client Service Request (CSR) Forms. 

CSR forms are pivotal for streamlining data collection, significantly enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of processing client information. 

By digitizing these forms, wealth management firms can ensure a smoother, faster onboarding experience, reducing errors and improving overall client satisfaction. This shift not only aligns with technological advancements but also meets the increasing demand for seamless, digital client interactions.

Selecting the Right Client Onboarding Solution

Selecting the right client onboarding solution entails considering several crucial factors. First, it's vital to evaluate the technology partner's expertise and market reputation. Look for a provider with a proven track record in successful onboarding and a solid reputation among clients.

Assess the scalability and flexibility of the software. It should efficiently accommodate your business's evolving needs and be easily customizable to align with your specific onboarding processes. Seamless integration with existing systems is also essential to prevent workflow disruptions.

Another critical factor is the level of automation and efficiency the solution provides. Manual onboarding processes are time-consuming and error-prone. Prioritize solutions with AI-powered features that streamline tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention.

This enhances productivity, allowing your team to focus on strategic activities and providing client recommendations.

Feathery excels in all these aspects. With its proven track record and highly scalable, flexible software, it offers an ideal solution for client onboarding. Particularly notable are its AI features to intake documents such as investment reports and extract structured data to automate tasks and enhance operational efficiency. Here’s a demo of Feathery extracting all stock holdings in a Fidelity investment report.

Feathery also provides deep integrations directly with the following Wealth Management tools/systems:

  • Wealth Management CRMs like Redtail, WealthBox and eMoney to store client information
  • Financial reporting tools like Morningstar to automate client intake and generation of financial reports using client data
  • Custodians like Fidelity, Pershing and Schwab to automate account creation and reduce NIGOs (account creation errors)
  • Open Banking solutions like Plaid, Flinks and Inverite to automatically pull banking and investment information directly from a client’s banking and investment accounts.
With Feathery, you can build your custom client onboarding flow in minutes.

Personalization and Client Experience

Tailoring the onboarding journey to meet individual client needs enhances their overall experience and ensures a higher success rate in achieving desired outcomes. Feathery, a robust onboarding software, makes this customization process incredibly easy, enabling organizations to deliver a personalized onboarding experience.

Feathery offers a range of features that empower businesses to tailor their onboarding process to match each client's unique requirements. Using Feathery, organizations can create customized onboarding form and flows that cater to different client personas, segments, or specific requirements. 

Another great thing about using Feathery is that it allows for the creation of interactive onboarding experiences. Through personalized onboarding paths, clients can choose the order in which they consume onboarding material, ensuring they receive information that is relevant and valuable to them. 

This personalization helps clients feel more engaged and invested and enables them to progress through onboarding at their own pace, reducing overwhelm and increasing comprehension.

Did you know that Feathery provides tools for capturing client feedback during the onboarding process? This feature allows organizations to gather insights on client preferences, pain points, and satisfaction levels, aiding in further personalization.

Looking Ahead: Future Trends in Client Onboarding

AI, machine learning, and further personalization will play a significant role in revolutionizing client onboarding processes. These technologies will streamline the onboarding experience and enhance the level of service provided to clients.

AI and machine learning algorithms can automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, allowing for a faster and more efficient onboarding process. Through automated data collection and analysis, these technologies can assist in verifying client information, conducting due diligence checks, and assessing risk profiles.

This will save valuable time for both the financial institution and the client, reducing the need for extensive paperwork and manual input.

The integration of these technologies will enable more personalized onboarding experiences. By analyzing vast amounts of client data, AI can provide tailored recommendations and insights to guide clients through the onboarding process. This could include suggesting appropriate products and services based on individual preferences and financial goals.

Personalized interactions and recommendations will enhance customer satisfaction and foster stronger client relationships.

As technology advances, client onboarding processes will become increasingly seamless and user-friendly. Integrating AI, machine learning, and personalization will streamline operations and improve the client experience, leading to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction in the financial industry.

Feathery can be a game-changer for your product team.

It’ll empower you to build more advanced, product-grade forms using fewer development resources.