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Lendzi Saves $35,000 in Engineering Costs with Feathery

Learn how Los Angeles-based fintech startup Lendzi supercharged their most valuable form, while saving tens of thousands in developer costs, using Feathery.

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  • 300+ developer hours saved in 15 months
  • $35,000 savings in engineering costs
  • 98% faster form iteration rate


Lendzi is a Los Angeles-based fintech startup that helps companies compare various types of business loans and secure funding in as little as 24 hours.

When Lendzi’s Head of Technology, Jay Omayan, joined the company, he was tasked with implementing a backlog of changes to the startup's most valuable driver of new business—a lead generation form being served through various paid social campaigns.

At the time, the company had been working with a WordPress developer to code, test and deploy form changes, which Omayan observed were taking 10 hours per change to implement. Omayan also noticed that this process had also begun to create friction with Lendzi's sales team, as they waited weeks for changes that they knew could quickly improve lead quality and lead to more closed-won deals.


Looking to unlock ownership, speed, and control, Omayan began searching for a form builder that provided an intuitive user experience for non-technical product owners, drag-and-drop fields like SSN, and powerful data enrichment integrations, like Plaid, that could supercharge their lead gen form.

Lendzi forms

After a partner of Lendzi's recommended Feathery, Omayan jumped into the platform and began building his first form. Within five minutes, Omayan said he knew he had found "the perfect solution for Lendzi's needs."


Since adopting Feathery's platform, Lendzi has saved 300+ developer hours and an estimated $35,000 in engineering costs. Omayan added that Lendzi has seen a 98% faster form iteration rate—which he credits to Feathery's ease-of-use for non-technical product owners and specifically, Feathery's library of drag-and-drop elements.

Testimonial from Lendzi

With this success, Omayan shared that Lendzi is planning to migrate their other core financial applications to Feathery over the coming months.

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